Thanks for stopping by! We are the Hartranft Family.

Dad Jeremy and Mom Holly; we’ve been married since 2004. In the span of this long marriage, we’ve had 4 children. Ayrelia, Zaharra, Phoenix, and Varian and in January of 2019 we are expecting another son!

What the future holds beyond that, we are never sure, but we are keeping thoughts of adoption always in the back of our mind.

Yes, we let our kids color their hair, pick their own clothes and style, drink coffee, and play video games. We homeschool year round, window watch squirrels with our 6+ cats, play with the laser light and our 3 dogs, binge watch cooking shows, and even make our own bread. We help Grandma raise several chickens and grow our own herbs, fight the incredible urge to bring home more homeless animals – much to Dad’s dismay- and bake more times than we need to in a month.

Sometimes we go on small trips to ride boats or visit new cities, but we do enjoy turtling at home while battling an epic game of Uno or losing to the 4-year-old at Uno. After 9 years as a military family, we are still finding our civi roots and getting comfortable in this life, but we are nothing but happy and full of life, even against the better judgment of our piggy bank.

Stick around for random family life.

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