We want to preface this entire post with a little note: 

We certainly want to encourage others. Often there isn’t enough encouragement out there for other parents. Most families are working their hardest to make their way of life work for them and for their children. Large families are judged. Small families are judged. Women (especially) who chose not to have their own children are often judged. In this judgmental and overly connected world, it can often seem like too much and we can take a lot personally or become offended too quickly. 

That is why we say this clearly: This blog is not for you. 

This blog is for us. This blog is for our family. This blog is for our friends, and this blog is for people who can relate to us or find solace in what we have to say. We aren’t here to support everyone, we aren’t professionals offering sound professional advice. We are simply a larger than average family of food growing, animal raising, homeschooling heathens trying to share our lives with others and document our lives. 

With all that sad, this blog is probably not for you if you fall into the following 13 categories: 

  1. Antivaxxers and Free Birthers. The medical community is not infallible, but your holistic turmeric juice won’t cure cancer and preventable disease are preventable for a reason. Ignoring science to justify yourself and putting other peoples’ children at risk is deplorable and murder. 
  2. Pro-Choice Folks. Sorry, we aren’t Christian, and we won’t be throwing out the God argument, but smart, informed, educated choices help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Abortion is not birth control. It is a human life. 
  3. Religious Zealots. We are Pagan. We are Pagan. We are Pagan! I have a lovely couple of older ladies that pop into my home every few Sundays each month to pick a passage from the bible and a comparable virtue or value to learn from it. They talk to me, I talk to them, and we share a lot of outlook on things, but they aren’t asking me to believe in their almighty and I’m not asking them to sip tea by a sage fire and drink a feast on the solstice. Mutual respect for religion is not forcing it on others but accepting the blessings each have to offer one another. 
  4. Racists. White, Black, Purple or Green. I don’t care who you are. If you hate on another person because of their race or if you have some inflated stereotypes in your head about others of another race, skootch. Just take a hike. The world has little time for you. 
  5. Bigots. This reflects the above. If you do not like someone simply because they aren’t doing things your way, you can leave. To be blunt, LGBT folks, varying religions, or simple choices like public school vs homeschool. Sometimes, you have to let go and not be offended by everything. 
  6. Super Liberals. I don’t think this is what most people would expect to hear from me, but sometimes social justice goes too far. Take it back a notch. Not everything is a right and not everything should be a law. 
  7. Super Conservatives. I’ve got enough of those in my extended family. To reflect our favorite Disney song meme: Let it go, let it go! 
  8. Spankers and Physical Fear Parents. We do not spank. We do not spank. We will not spank. Spanking is a NO. Your kids are humans. They can have a mind of their own. You aren’t programming a computer, you are raising a LIFE. Even kids have a right to say no or be upset and make mistakes.
  9. Free Parenting Types. Your 3-year-old is not capable of walking to the park alone, even if it is across the damn street. Stop being lazy. 
  10. Helicopter Parents: No child needs to breastfeed at age 4 and your 8-year-old can brush their own damn teeth. 
  11. People who hate animals. Sorry, everyone in this house is obsessed with our pets. 
  12. People who dislike large families. WE HAVE FIVE KIDS AND WE DO NOT PLAN TO STOP- Yet. 
  13. MAPS and NOMAPS. If you don’t know what this is, you NEED to know as a parent. If you do, you either feel the same way we do or the exact opposite. In the latter case, go burn. If I see anyone supporting them, I will report them to the authorities immediately and I will NOT hesitate to spam their faces all over social media. This is the ONE time I have NO ISSUES publicly shaming someone. 


By now, I’ve stepped on someone’s toes. I’m sure my blunt list has some people bulking. Others are fuming. Some are probably laughing and I’m certain a few folks are scratching their heads.  

Still, we encourage debate. Bring us your facts and change our minds. We give everyone the same “Not set in stone” policy our household uses. If you disagree, bring your arsenal of information, logic, and scientific facts and let’s talk about it respectfully. So, if you see something pop up on a Tuesday and you want to talk about it, drop a comment and let’s have a discussion! 

-The Dragon Ate Unicorn Family

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